HELP! Arduino with Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 24V12

Hi all, I am currently doing a project using High-Power Motor Driver 24V12, I connect 24V to V+, Ground to GND, two motor wires to OUTA and OUTB, a PWMH to Arduino pin 3, DIR to arduino pin 9. When I connect the battery, the motor is not working at all!

Here is my code.

[code]void setup()
pinMode(9, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
digitalWrite(9, HIGH);
analogWrite(3, 255); //100% duty cycle



Do I need to connect the RESET pin on the motor driver to Arduino and set it to HIGH in order to make my motor working? Please help ~~~~


I am sorry you are having problems using your high-power motor driver. Could you tell me more about your setup? What is your power supply? What motors are you using? Could you provide a link or datasheet for them? If you have access to an oscilloscope, could you verify that there is a valid PWM signal coming from the Arduino? Could you try driving the PWM pin on the motor driver HIGH and see if the motor spins at full speed? Could you also post pictures of your setup?

- Jeremy