Heat sink on a Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier

hi all,

I have a Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Carrier and was wondering about the best way to heat sink it.

Its currently mounted in a metal enclosure with 5mm plastic spacers so, I could use the enclosure as a heat sink. I’m wondering the best way to attach the heat sink to the Motor Driver Carrier. Do I, for example, use a thermal conductive paste (eg http://www.conrad.com/ce/en/product/186716/Heat-conductive-paste-for-heatsinks-Fischer-Elektronik-WLK-30-g-0836-WmK-50-to-150-C-Content-30-g ) and “glue” the tops of the chips to the enclosure? This seems like a rather permanent solution and it’d would be great if I could swap out the motor drivers should anything ever go wrong.

Is there a better way to do this? Do you have any other relevant tips/info?

Thanks in advance


We have not characterized our drivers with heat sinks, so we do not have much specific advice for you about using them. Generally, we do not recommend adding heat sinks unless you know what you are doing, and if you are using a driver at its limit, we suggest you consider using a higher power motor driver, like the Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Shield. If you still want to use some sort of nonpermanent method of thermal bonding, you might consider using thermal tape or a thermal paste (e.g. Arctic Silver 5).

  • Grant

I have 2 of these controllers and i use these sinks: http://www.adafruit.com/products/1042

I use some thermal to tape to secure them.

I don’t run them anywhere near the limit, I just like to be safe.

Also since these are on a robot, they are there to protect the chips in case of a stall.

Hope this helps.