At risk of starting a religious war, what sort of headers have you soldered to your Wixel?

Top or bottom? Male or female?

To start us out, I used an 8-pin stackable (Arduino) header to connect to the 8 GPIO pins on each side, with regular male pins for the other pins. IMO, This gives me a breadboard-friendly and jumper-friendly setup.


We usually solder male headers in on both sides like this:

and that’s what you get if you order an Assembled Wixel.

At least one person has soldered headers to the Wixel upside down:



Just as a heads up, if we add Wixel sockets to future products, they will be designed to work with the assembled Wixels we sell (see David’s post above).

- Ben

Yeah, keeping compatibility is important…

Here’s what my assembled one looks like with the passthru headers:

If I had more passthru headers, I probably would have done all 23 pins in them, now that I’m starting to feel the need for VCC and GND connections too.