Have I destroyed by DRV8825's?

Hi All,

I recently bought 5 DRV8825’s for a project, and finally got around to soldering them up. In my haste last night in connecting them to test, it seems like I connected them backwards to my test circuit. I tried a new one in the right direction and it worked perfectly, but now the other three do not in the exact same circuit.

My guess is I have destroyed the chip because I effectively put 12V on the dir pin. Is this a correct assumption? I know its clutching at straws but is there anything I can do to fix it?

(I was an idiot for trying all three, thinking it was an error in my soldering. Not until waking up this morning did I realise my mistake.)


Hello, Jonathon.

I am sorry to hear about your drivers. Unfortunately, connecting it as you described probably permanently damaged them. If you email us directly with your order information, then I might be able to help you receive a discount on some replacements.

  • Grant

Thanks for your offer. Fortunately I bought more than I needed, so I might be able to make do with the two I have left. The project is in very early stages so I dont know how many I will need. But if I destroy those as well, you might here from me. :slight_smile: