Hall Effect Sensor for TIC

Hi - I’m looking to use a hall effect sensor with my 64v4 TIC Controller. However I’m unsure if I can (or need to) use one of the ready made boards such as the one below -

I have taken a look at the manual but I’m far from an electronics guy and struggling to figure this out. I’d be very grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction? I have regular end stops on my actuator system but looking to use hall effect.

Many thanks.


We do not make a 64v4 Tic controller; are you referring to the Tic 36v4?

Just to clarify, are you wanting to use the hall effect sensor you linked to as a limit switch with the Tic? I cannot say for sure if that hall effect sensor will work for that purpose since there is not very much information about it or how it works on the page you linked to; however, I expect it to be okay as long as it outputs a signal that can be read by a digital input.


Hi - yes it’s a typo! 36v4 I’d what I meant :slight_smile:

Would you recommend another option for using a hall effect as an end stop?

Many thanks

If you are wanting to control a stepper motor and use hall effect sensors as limit switches, I would recommend the Tic controllers. While we have not tested them with any specific hall effect sensors, it should work fine as long as it outputs a signal that can be read by a digital input, as I mentioned in my previous post.