Glideforce w/ feedback: potentiometer length and repeatability

I have a Glideforce GF23-120502-3-65 linear actuator with pot feedback and 2" stroke. I have 2 questions/concerns:

  1. It appears that only about 40% of the potentiometer is being used over the full stroke length (~0.4 kOhm fully retracted to ~4.7 kOhm fully extended for the 10 kOhm pot). Is this normal? I was expecting the entire pot to be used.

  2. The readings are not repeatable. For example, when fully extending the motor the readings may vary by up to ~10% over multiple iterations. Is there an explanation for this other than a bad/loose pot?



The potentiometer range you are measuring is normal for the 2" stroke length.

Could you clarify what you mean when you say the readings vary by up to 10%? For example, are you seeing variation as much as 400Ω (which would correspond to a positional uncertainty of 0.2″), or are you seeing variation on the order of 40Ω (which would correspond to a positional uncertainly of 0.02″)