Glideforce linear drive 6" does not move but makes a low click-click sound instead

What can be wrong?
Proper parameters file given from Polulo was loaded without problems. The first time, some months ago, the driver worked as expected, this time no. I thank you any advice or solution for this issue.

Hello, gengis.

Can you specify which motor controller you are using? Also, do you get the same behavior if you remove the actuator from the system and connect power directly to the motor leads (red and black wires)? Please note that if the actuator is fully extended or retracted, you might need to swap the polarity.


Thanks a lot for your quickly attention. Actually we had a configuration problem with the power source. It was limited in current and so it was not able to manage the drive. It dropped in voltage too. After a test with direct connection of the linear drive with 12V and realized that other two actuators behaved the same, we tested with an other power source and found the actual problem. Thanks and Regards.