Getting the MC33887 motor driver to work

Hi All,

I am driving a 20W-24V Dc motor using MC33887board. The status of all the pins are checked and are normal, but there is no output at OUT1/OUT2.

Fault status is read as HIGH. Listed below the voltage levels.

FS - 4.9V - Fault Status for H-Bridge
D1-0V-Disable 1
D2-4.9V-Disable 2
V+ -24V-Positive Power Supply

IN1 -4.9V- Logic Input Control 1
IN2-0V-Logic Input Control 2

FB -0V
CCP-0.78V-Charge Pump Capacitor

Anyone faced a similar issue? Did I damage the chip? The controller side interface works perfect.
Any input will be helpful.

Bibin Paul


Has your MC33887 motor driver worked for you in the past? It is an older (discontinued) board that has been replaced by the MC33926 motor driver, which is better in almost every way.

I do not see anything noticeably wrong from the voltage readings of the pins. Could you post pictures of your setup, along with a diagram showing all of your connections?