Gearbox lubrication 15.5D


I am repurposing some 15.5D gear motors. When I removed the mounting bracket from the gearbox I found what appeared to be a smear of fluid lubricant underneath. Are these and other gear motors lubricated? I searched this forum using “lubrication” and “gearbox lubrication” returning 0 results. It makes sense to lube the gearbox, and if this is recommended to prolong its life, what would be a good choice of lubricant? A graphite formulation, light machine oil, Finish Line, &c?


My go-to is white lithium grease for gearboxes and wormgears. For chains, often some thinner lubricant, but white lithum rocks in terms of staying with the gears and being general-purpose.

Not sure what is in the 15.5D, if anything typically. Sometimes there is a problem adding a different lube type to a previously lubricated gearbox.

If you are repurposing the 15.5D, you also might want to check with the previous owners if it wasn’t you, to see if they didn’t add any lube themselves.

Hi Tomek –

The 15.5D motors were purchased new here a while back. I might just go light machine oil, see how that goes. Short of pulling gearbox, using solvents to clean, starting fresh…



The gearboxes on those motors are lubricated. In general, it should not be necessary to add additional lubricant.