G2 Motor Controller: Prevent motor from stopping for certain errors


We will be using G2 motor controllers in one of our application. I understand that on detecting an error, the controller stops the motor even for serial comms error. I was wondering is there is a way to prevent the motor from stopping for certain errors using your software or through C program?

Please let us know if there is a way to configure the motor to stop for only certain types of error while not stopping for others.

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Serial errors will stop the motor from running until a valid serial command is received. There is no way to ignore these serial errors (aside from the CRC error, as you can disable that feature). There are a few features that you can disable in the “Advanced settings” tab of the Simple Motor Control Center G2 that trigger errors, such as safe-start, ERR line high, pot disconnect.

Could you post more details about what you want to do? Which particular errors do you want the controller to ignore and why?

If the cause of your errors is unavoidable, you might consider switching to one of the Jrk G2 motor controllers. The Jrk G2 motor controllers are another family of motor controllers, which give you more control over what errors you can ignore, so you could ignore all the serial errors.