G2 High power motor drive : Out A and B always at 12v


Hi try to control a high power 12V dc motor (20a stall) using the 18v25 G2 controller

I accidentally reversed the polarity of the power source input, and the ground cable melt…(oups)
When I try to use it again, the card doesnt respond to any commande and Out A and Out B always show 12V (mesured) (no 0 and no -12)

Is the board dead ? How can I test / fix it ? (I didn t solder the capacitors yet, justing testing the card and the code first then I ll solder 440 uF 32V)
Does it have any thing to do with the SLEEP mode ?

Thanks a lot !


It sounds like you have our G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v25, which has reverse voltage protection, so swapping the VIN and GND connections should not have damaged it. There might have been a short since there was some melting, which could mean the board is damaged. This is likely independent of the status of SLEEP.

Was the motor controller ever working for you? Was the motor connected when the melting happened? Where did you have power connected when the board was damaged? In particular, which ground pin was the melted cable connected to? Can you post some pictures that show your whole setup with all connections as well as of both sides of the driver?