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G2 24v19 operation with relais question


I want to use a relais to turn off a motor that is driven by a 24v19.
First question is: Is it better to use the relais in motor or in the power line? So befor or after the motor driver?

Second question: Is it a good idea to limit the current on startup as the capacitors on the board are almost like a shortcut to the relais or switch when turning on?

Third: I have very high inertia so maybe I should add diodes/zener diodes somewhere to prevent voltage peaks?

Thanks in advance!


What is the purpose of the relay? Could you just command the motor to stop with the Simple Motor Controller instead? As for your second and third questions, those will be very dependent on the details of your application. What kind of power supply and what voltage are you using, and what parts of your system are you specifically concerned about protecting (and in what situations)?