G2 18v17 Sleep pin Pulling down Voltage In

Hi, we’re using the G2 18v17 drivers and can’t get them to run. We get nothing out of the +/- pins and the 3.3v is low so it seems to be asleep. When we connect a high to the SLP pin, it brings the entire voltage supply down. We’ve tried various configurations, but with 7.0V into the Vin, the Vin sags down to 4.25V as soon as we connect the SLP pin. We’ve tried using 3.3V and 5.0V into the SLP pin (through a 1k resistor), but as soon as the SLP pin is connected the Vin sags. Any ideas?


Can you post pictures of your setup clearly showing all connections to the board as well as showing both sides of the board? What are you using to supply the logic signals and power to the motor driver? What voltage are you reading off of the 3V3 (OUT) pin on the board?

- Amanda