Fritzing part - pololu jrk 21v3

I’m on the lookoutif anyone has made a fritzing part for the pololu jrk 21v3. Great actuator controller. I would love to document my project. If anyone has made or seen this fritzing part that would be great before I embark on creating my own


We do not have any Fritzing parts available for our products. I did search the Fritzing parts created by other users, but I did not find the jrk 21v3. You might have to make your own part.


How difficult would it be to create a pololu fritzing library. More and more people are using fritzing to model their projects. Even though Adafruit doesn’t directly integrate with the Fritzing software for inclusion (like Sparkfun does), they have a Git repository with all their items modeled. Perhaps you can do the same, or sponsor a Git repository to collect those models that other do build. You can then have your engineers verify the models act correctly. I am using the JRK 18v19 controller for my linear actuator in a system with many many other components. All the others I was able to model in fritzing, except the Pololu linear actuator parts. Note I am using the DRV8825 from Pololu and someone did model that component in fritzing.

Unfortunately, Fritzing does not currently support importing the file types we use, so we would need to make them all by hand, and it is difficult to judge how worthwhile it would be to put that kind of time into it (instead of, say, working on new products).

If you are willing to share your system diagram, we would be interested to see it as an example of what you’re looking for.


Those people are not only wasting their time, they are actually sowing confusion.

Unlike Fritzing diagrams, clear wiring diagrams like those published by Pololu to support their products, or better, standard schematic diagrams, are not ambiguous, easy to interpret, have properly labeled component values and connections and as a result, are vastly superior in every respect.

Fritzing diagrams are fine for showing very young grade school students how to wire an LED, but not this sort of trash: