Fried Leonardo Anyone?


I am on my third Leonardo (and I used to have a couple of Micros too).

Lessons learned - be careful with the pins.

In the attached file you can see the chip that gets fried.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. can that piece be replaced?
  2. is there a list of dos and don’ts specific to Leonardo?

What I am worried about now is if I have the Leo powered independently and at the same time connected to my computer because I am reprogramming it. Is that dangerous? Would it possibly fry my computer?

And there are no on-off buttons, so is it okay to just push power into it?

Thanks - what fun, really!

The chip (probably a voltage regulator) can certainly be replaced, but other parts may have been damaged too.

Here are some good ways to destroy Arduinos in general, and they all should work well for Leonardos: … n-arduino/


Is there some sort of diagnostic program available?