Feedback signal specs for jrk 24v13


I have a jrk 24v13 that I am trying to rig up feedback control on. My DC motor has an encoder wheel with the black and white stripes being observed by one of those little split package LED and photodiode sensors. Looking at the raw signal with my scope, there is a small wave coming back from the sensor as the motor spins, but the signal is biased up a bit due to ambient light in the room as well as splash from the LED.

My question is - does the jrk know how to see/interpret this signal, or so I need to so something to make the signal swing full rail to rail in order to be detected and counted properly?

Thank you!


The Jrk’s FBT pin is a digital input, so it should generally be okay to use an optical encoder like that as long as the signal goes high and low enough to trigger them as digital high and low signals, respectively. You can find details about the required voltage levels in the “Analog/frequency feedback handling” section of the Jrk G2 user’s guide.

If you are still unsure, could you post the scope captures of the raw signal that you looked at?