Faraday cage


I’m building a project with stepper motor (Pololu 2267) connected to a system which is a NMR-instrument. The casing of the Pololu-2267 is atleast partly aluminum. I’m ponder is the case it self a Faraday cage or do I need to build one around it.


We do not have detailed information about the materials the manufacturer, SOYO, uses for their stepper motor cases, so you might try contacting them. In general though, I would not expect stepper motors cases to act as good Faraday shields unless you see documentation about that in the motor’s datasheet. (None of our motors have any documentation like that in the datasheets we have for them.)

- Patrick


Thank you for the response. I used RMS-meter for the case and the metallic case seems to be connected as one conductor. I’ll try ground it to the ground wire and see how it works.