ESP or Similar with DRV8838

Need a recommendation on Pololu products. I want to drive a 12 volt dc motor, 1 amp max, thru the smallest micro (space is limited). Your recommendation required for an equivalent to ESP32 and with the motor driver, the DRV8838 seems to be the smallest. Will be controlled by wifi on phone etc.
Can be a single micro board including the driver and wifi. Must be small. Arduino IDE.
Charles Harris


Unfortunately, we do not have any products with all those features on one board, and we do not have any suggestions for where you might find something like that. However, if you decide to make you own system like that using multiple boards, one of our motor drivers might be useful. You might consider our BD65496MUV carrier since it has a higher maximum voltage than the DRV8833 that should make it fine for use with a 12V supply.

- Patrick