ERR led is on in Roboclaw 2x5A motor controller

I am using Roboclaw controllers 2x5A, and I actually have four of them, so for three of them everything is okay and working well, but for the fourth one I just connect the power supply and I have STAT1 is solid green, and ERR solid red. What this means? And how to troubleshoot it?


Accordingly to the “Status and Error LEDs” section of the RoboClaw user manual, the STAT1 LED is always on during normal operation and only blinks when data is received via RC or Serial communication, and that when the ERR LED is solid, it either indicates a Max Temperature or Main Battery User Limit warning. If you tell us more about your setup, I might be able to help you determine what might be causing the warning; however, we do not manufacture the RoboClaw motor controller, so our support might be limited. Instead, you might get better support if you contact the manufacturer, Ion Motion Control, for assistance directly.

- Jeremy

Thanks a lot JeremyT, about the setup there is nothing more to say because as I mentioned in the original question that the ERR led is solid red by connecting only the power supply to the Roboclaw controller and before doing anything more. But I think I will be contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they can give more insights.
Thanks again and best regards