Encoder for extended shaft motors

Hi all,

I am using the very nice micro metal gear motors from pololu to drive a little differential drive robot. I have noticed now that I will need some sort of rotary encoder and I have seen that pololu offers these “extended shaft” motors:


I guess these extended shafts are for mounting some sort of encoder like it can be seen in the following item:

sell.lulusoso.com/selling-leads/ … coder.html

However, I can not find such an encoder anywhere, any hints? Alternatively some DIY instructions? With the 1:100 gear relation it would be sufficient to get one “tick” per revolution of the shaft.

Kind regards, Claus

I am looking for exact same thing. I am curious to see the response.



Unfortunately, I do not know where you can get an encoder to work with the back shafts of those motors. You could make a simple one yourself by mounting a simple disc and counting revolutions with an optical detector. We do plan on making an encoder for those motor back shafts, but it is not likely to be available anytime soon.

- Ben

I will build one on my own then. Thanks anyhow!