Enable Pin on DRV8825 not doing anything

I am trying to use the Enable pin on my DRV8825 to enable/disable the overall device.

I have the Reset and Sleep input pins connected to 3.3V.

When Enable is Low the device works as expected. Steps and direction work flawlessly.

When I set Enable High (the Pin is at 3.3V) the device continues to respond to step and direction commands. According to the documentation having this pin high should cause step to be ignored and the outputs to be turned off. What am I missing?


Hello, Rob.

You are correct; driving the ENBL pin high should cause the driver to stop stepping. Can you send me a picture that shows all of your connections to the DRV8825 including any soldered connections you have made?


Hi Nathan,
Thanks for the quick reply. I made the same change to another board and
it works correctly. I think that other board may have had a
catastrophic failure at some point (it has other strange behavior as
well), so I think it is just going to be scrapped.

Thanks for the help.