DVR8825 max current

Hi I have ordered a CNC V3 Shield for Mill Router Engraver + 4x DRV8825+ UNO R3 Arduino Compatible, the max current is stated at 2.2 with cooling, but I want to use 270oz steppers. Does anyone know if I am stuck running the steppers at lower power or is there another driver I should use instead?
For the help

Hello, David.

If you want to run your 270 oz-in stepper motors, you will need a stepper motor driver that can deliver the full current per phase your motor specifies. None of our stepper motor drivers can deliver more than 1.8A per phase without additional cooling. Please note that getting 2+ amps per coil from the DRV8825 stepper motor driver is going to require substantial cooling (likely involving forced air flow and a large heat sink), and I am not sure how practical it will be for you to achieve 2.2A per phase.

We do not have any recommendations for an appropriate stepper motor driver for your system.


Hi Derrill,
Thanks for the response and for clearing up my missunderstanding.
So I take it that the 1.8A is the largest driver I can use? Is this correct?

1,8A is the largest current from a driver we carry. You can probably find something more powerful with a brief Internet search.