DVR8825 getting really hot, motor not getting signal

I’m using a NEMA 17 wired to a DVR8825 carrier board, testing with Arduino simple stepper code.
I have verified 5V step input from from Arduino, but no signal coming out of pins A1, A2, B1, B2 on the carrier board at all.

Control voltage is 5V (from laptop USB), motor voltage is 24V (power supply is 24V and rated for 2.5A).
Grounds are connected to each other.

B1, B2 on DVR8825 carrier board are connected to A and C (blk, green) on the motor (image above), and A1, A2 on DVR8825 carrier board are connected to B and D (red, blue).

The first time I turned this on, the motor moved extremely slowly and vibrated a bit- the speed did not change with code changes, but I was able to use the step pins M0, M1, M2 on the carrier board to change the steps and see results.
Now the motor does not turn it all because/ and there is no signal from the DVR8825’s motor pins.

The board gets very hot and is heatsinked. I’ve waited out a thermal shutoff time.
Is my board fried?

Hello, Sophi.

Sorry you are having trouble with your DRV8825. It is difficult to determine if your driver is damaged without more information; could you tell us more about your setup? For example, what is the rated current of your stepper motor and what is the current limit of your DRV8825 carrier set to? Could you attach pictures that show all your connections, along with pictures of the front and back side of the carrier board?