Dual VNH3SP30 motor driver problem. one motor runs first

I though the problem was the motors or wheels but I realize the problem is the motor driver because when I change the wires, the another motor run first.
In my case, the motor connected to OUT 1 start one second before the another motor and my robot cannot runs straight.
I hope someone can help me with this problem. I don’t think the driver will be broken because it is new but I am not sure if there are any other electronic stuff can affect the performance of the motors.

I connected two 6vDC Pololu Metal Gearmotor (max current:6A ) to the output terminals powered by rechargeable battery of 7V. In the another side, I connect the INA,INB and PWM1,2, the 2 GND’s and +5 to the microcontroller according to one post that I checked before in this forum.

I hope someone can help me to solve this problem


I am sorry you are having trouble with your motor driver. Could you please tell me more about your setup, such as what microcontroller you are using? Could you post a wiring diagram and some pictures of your setup? Finally, can you post the simplest program that demonstrates the problem?

- Zeeshan