Dual VNH2SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A - low output voltage to motors

Hi I’m trying to build a robot platform with the above mentioned motor driver like suggested in the tutorial https://www.instructables.com/id/Chefbot-A-DIY-Autonomous-mobile-robot-for-serving-/
using two 131:1 Metal Gearmotors 37Dx73L mm with 64 CPR Encoder.
I supplied a 12V VIN from a battery but the the output voltage Out1A/B and Out 2A/B is only 2.3V so the motors are not working properly or don’t work at all! If I disconnect the motors, the leds on the driver light in in the correct manner if the test code on the tiva C launchpad is running… the strange thing is, when I dis- and reconnect the + 5V (IN) on the driver side sometimes for a second the leds light bright and mostly the right motor is working then shortly …
Do you have any advice whats going wrong here?


I am sorry you are not able to control your motors from your motor driver. Can you post pictures of your connections to the motor driver board, battery, and motors including any soldered connections you made?


Hello, I tried it once again, in the moment i connect the driver to 5v VBUS Pin of the Launchpad the output voltage to the motors is 12V and they are working for the first cycle… the testcode runs the motors foreward for 10secs then makes a delay… then backwards then the output voltage drops to 2,3V…
The circuit looks like:zawMg
my connections:


Could you try simplifying your setup by disconnecting the motors and seeing if the LEDs and output voltages behave as expected? If not, could you try toggling the control and direction pins by directly connecting them to a steady 5V (for high logic signals) or GND (for low logic signals) to see how the outputs behave?


Hi aplied as you recommended steady 5V to the Control pin (PWM) and the Output voltage is correct and the motors are working… I wonder how this setup could have been working ever before! It seems that the levelshifter doesn’t shift the PWM Signal from 3V to 5V as expected… but I can’t try this out in the moment, the test crashed my microcontroller in any way, so I have to unlock it or get a new one before…
thx uptil here

Thanks for letting us know.