Dual Stepper Motor Driver won't work with 1205

I have a 1205 Stepper motor and I bought a dual stepper motor driver shield
Can you see any reason that it would not be designed to work with your motor?

When I hook it up, all I get is buzzing most of the time. With a little help, it turns a little and then stops as though it is not getting enough power. I added 2 amp, 30 volt external power and there was no change. It didn’t buzz any loader nor did it turn any better.
I have exhausted many different avenues to determine what the problem is. Produce support for both the maker and the seller of the board have run out of ideas.

  1. I tried many different wiring configurations including the information on your chart and several product support suggestions.
  2. I used several different suggested test programs.
  3. I removed the extension wires and hooked the motor directly to the board.
  4. I hooked your A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier to the 1205 motor again and then a rugged motor driver and they both worked great.
  5. I got a second dual stepper driver shield and it acted the same way as the first.
  6. I reversed the polarity of the external power supply and burned out one of the two dual stepper boards.

Do you see anything that could make these to items incompatible?

The documentation and schematic for that board are poor, to be charitable. My guess is that something is wrong with the current limiting feature, which your motor should be activating at any motor voltage greater than 4 volts.

Why bother when the Pololu motor drivers work and you can count on excellent documentation and product support? (I don’t work for Pololu).

So should I give up on it?

Do you expect the Pololu engineers to figure out how you should use a board that they did not design and is so poorly documented? It may work for a motor that does not trigger the current limit. Otherwise, I would send it back to the seller for a refund.

No I wasn’t asking you to trouble shoot it. They couldn’t. I was just asking your opinion. Perhaps someone else had the same issue with that board and your motor. Like I said, your motor works just fine with two other driver boards.

Yes, I am sending the pair back. Since I burned one out, almost on purpose, I won’t ask for my money back. I’ll just your their shipping lable and send them back and chock it up to a lot of lost time.


That is just a standard bipolar stepper motor, so I do not think it is a compatibility issue between the motor and the driver. We do not have any familiarity with that dual stepper motor driver shield, and we have not heard of anyone else using it, so we can not confirm if your experience is normal or not.

- Zeeshan