Dual Serial Motor Control

I’ve been using the Dual Serial Motor Control in several of my Sumo robots, including a RI/SME 150 pound sumo. The only problem that I have had is the tendancy of the drive motors to continue running while the processor is being reset. By putting a 10K pull down resistor on the Dual Serial Motor Control reset lead, the motors stop whenever the processor is reset.

Since I am using your PIC12C508A on my own board with my own H Bridge circuits, I was wondering If you would consider selling the programmed PIC separately from the Dual Serial Motor Control kit?

Rick Brooks


Your reset line pull-down resistor is a good idea, especially with a huge robot!

We sell the pre-programmed PIC for $9 for the DIP package, and we can figure something out if you need a smaller, surface mount package. You can order the standard motor IDs by clicking on part number 0201 on the price list at: https://www.pololu.com/prices.html. You can also call to order the PIC with any motor IDs you want.

- Jan