Dual power supply

Hi there:

I would like to show you my project.
I´m planning to control a solenoid (actuator) with an arduino board (5V).

There are two versions: one of them it’s for 24V coils and the other one for 6V coils. Both coils are low power consumption (<500ma) and works in 1s-ON, 60s-OFF intervals.

I need a h-bridge because actuator permits forward and reverse motion.

The question is related to the power supply. I would like to use a single 5V power supply in order to make a not very bulky project box.

What do you think about? Is it possible to “mix” different power circuits or groundings this way?
Am I missing something important?
Any other ideas?

Thanks for reading
Best regards

PS: Sorry, power supply in the drawings is 9V, not 5V (due to the arduino voltage regulator) and power consumption of the second circuit
schematics.pdf (106 KB)


I think that both of those circuits should work, as long as you are using a 9V 2A power supply (and not a 9V battery).