Dual Motor Controller

Hi…I’m new to the Pololu product line…i’m trying to use the Pololu Micro (Dual) Motor Controller to control a 9V motor. I’m using an atmel processor (AT90S8535) and I’m programming in C. I’ve checked my connections over and over again and my project partners have done same too. I’m just trying out the sample code in the manual but nuthing is working. I’ve used an LED instead of a motor and it’s not working. Anyone has an idea what’s going on? I need help urgently. If this project goes thru, then many more Pololu controllers wud need to be in line for production cos this ought to be a prototype for a design.


It is concerning that you write of programming in C and “trying out the sample code in the manual” when the example we provide is not in C. Do you have any way of verifying that your serial routines work?

- Candice

Yes…my serial routine works. I’ve tried it using an oscilloscope and can see my output. I’ve also used an LCD and my routine works very fine!