Dual MC33926 MS with Arduino Mega 2560, Arduino very hot

Hi there,
i’m using a Pololu Dual MC33926 Shield together with a Arduio Uno and 2 Motors (1 Amp per Motor)and everything works good. The Powersource for Arduino and the MS ist a 12 V Bat. connected via the MS
Now i swaped the Uno for the Mega 2560 and now a litle black thing next to the Mega powerconnector (power jack plug ) get very hot and smelly after 5-10 seconds.
Do you now something to resolve that or what my mistake is?


I am sorry you are having an issue with your shield and Arduino Mega. Can you post pictures of your MC33926 shield as it is mounted on top of your Mega, including all of your connections except for the battery? Can you also post a picture that identifies the part that got hot on your Mega? (You can circle the spot in an image editing program, like MS Paint.)