Dual MC33926 Motor Driver Shield 2 motors per side?

Looking to build a 4 wheel differential drive chassis that needs to work well on multiple surfaces like carpet and wood and especially transistioning between the two.

Using the following (the ones from Pololu):
42x19mm Wheels
100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotors
42x19mm Idler Wheels
driven by the Dual MC33926 motor driver shield and Arduino Leonardo

Question 1 is - Can I hook 4 motors of the above (2 per side) up to the MC33926? The specs say the 2 motors will not exceed the draw but thought I’d ask.

Question 2 is - Opinions on driving all 4 wheels (2 channels of drive both L and both R) for best differential turning response - or just stick with the 2 rears?

Can’t seen to find any discussion on these 2 topics anywhere…

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or points to discussion.


You should be able to connect two of any of our micro metal gearmotors (low, high, or medium power) to a single channel on the MC33926 motor driver shield. I suspect that the four motor configuration will make your robot more responsive and faster. Other than reduced power consumption, I do not see any advantage to using just two motors.