Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v14 Direction problem


I am using two drivers which are described in the title.
One is working well but on the other one the second channel cannot switch its direction (Motor only turns one way even when DIR pin is set high).

It feels the driver is broken but maybe someone had similar experience and found a solution?



I am sorry you are having trouble changing the direction on one of the motor channels on one of your shields. Can you tell me more about your setup? In particular, we have a few versions of that shield: one for the Arduino and a couple for the Raspberry Pi (one that ships fully assembled and another that has through-hole parts that are not soldered). Which version do you have? What code are you running? How are you supplying motor power? (Have you verified that the motor you are trying to control rotates in both directions when controlled directly from a power supply?)



I am using the arduino shields to drive a mecanum wheeled robot.
All i am using is the direction and pwm pin for now.

Testing the channels i use the analogWrite and digitalWrite for setting speed and direction.
The other three channels respond good to the direction except for one.
I am using the Arduino Due as uc.

Both drivers are wired in the same way including the ground to the uc and polarity of the power supply and DC motors.
The DC motors have been tested if they can turn both directions and are powered using two 12V lead batteries connected in series.

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Can you send pictures that clearly show your connections and soldered joints? Also, can you use a multimeter to verify that the Due pin connected to DIR on the non-working motor channel changes as you expect? Can you post the simplest version of your code that should work, but doesn’t?