Dual G2 24v14 Output short?

I see when the PWM pins are low, the motor pins are shorted to ground to brake the motor. In the library reference I see that setSpeeds controls the speed/direction by presumably using PWM, so I assume when the PWM output is low the motor brakes for that period of the cycle the output is low. (I want this.) The library reference states that when the setSpeeds value is set to zero, the motor coasts. Also, when the driver is disabled, the motor coasts. How can I set the motor pins be both be shorted to ground to brake the motor when it is stopped? Thanks.


Sorry for the confusion; there was a typo in our library documentation, which we have fixed now. When you use the setSpeed() or setSpeeds() functions to set the duty cycle to 0, the driver will short the motor outputs to ground. It will only coast the motors when the nSLP pin is pulled low.

Thank you for pointing out that contradiction!


Thanks for answering, Brandon.