Dual axis solar tracker with pololu dual G2


I am developing a homebrew dual axis solar tracker with 9 solar panels and I am trying to figure out the right set of electrical components for the tracking control

I would like to control two linear actuators with brushed DC motors using an arduino UNO and a Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v18 Shield for Arduino. 6.5-30V, 18A continuous, 30A max

The spec for the DC motors is 24VDC +/- 15%, 4A (5A current capability) (In rush 300% on max. current or softstart). So this would be 15A max per motor as I understand. See http://www.solar-motors.com/files/PRODUCTS/SM4_M3_SERIES/SM4SM3%20_MR.pdf

The DC motors come with hall effect sensors. I would like to use these to track the position of the acutators and to control the motors.

As a power supply I would like to use the Meanwell SDR-240-24 - PSU DINrail 24V 10A, 15A max (http://www.meanwell.nl/Images/pdf/datasheets/SDR-240-spec.pdf

As I am reasonably new to controlling DC motors, I would like to ask if the combination of components above would make sense. Would this result in a robust design or am I missing something crucial.

your comment is appreciated.


Your thought process seems fine; it looks like that G2 motor driver shield is appropriate for controlling two of those linear actuators.

By the way, your project sounds exciting! I know you are still in development, but when you get around to it, we would love to see any pictures or video of it in action!


Thanks for the comment.

I sure can post some footage when the project is finished.