Drv8874 can handle 25D High power?

I saw in the datasheet that the Drv8874 can handle 6A, although I know this is only in theory and they can handle 2.2A continuously, with a limitation of 4.4A. However, even so, theoretically, could these drivers withstand the 6V 25D High power motors with extra dissipation? It is worth noting that I wouldn’t use the motors at their maximum power, maybe a maximum of 75%.


Could you clarify what you are referring to when you say you would limit the motor to 75% of it’s maximum power?

We generally recommend choosing a motor driver that can continuously handle the stall current of your motor. Our DRV8874 carrier does not meet that criterion and is quite a bit underpowered for those motors. Our TB9051FTG carrier is a bit more powerful, but still ultimately underpowered. In general, if your application would be okay limiting the motor enough to make those work, it might be a better option to just use a less powerful motor instead.

If you stick with the 6V HP 25D gearmotors, the VNH5019 carrier is probably the best match we carry since it can easily handle their current demands. Unfortunately, it is still currently rationed due to the global part shortages. The G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v17 is a good alternative in the meantime, but please note that it has a minimum operating voltage of 6.5V, so you would need to use a higher operating voltage, and could consider limiting the maximum duty cycle to effectively still run the motor at 6V.