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DRV8838: high power consumption in sleep mode


Hi, I am doing a test of consumption and I do not match the values with those specified on the TI datasheet. The pins are connected like this:

GND pin to GND
VCC pin to 3.6V
nSLEEP pin to GND
PHASE pin to GND
GND pin to GND
VIN pin to 3.6V
OUT2 pin no connect
OUT1 pin no connect
VM pin no connect

The measured consumption is between 250 and 270 uA when the datasheet specifies a maximum consumption of 120 nA. I have done the test with two different DVR8838 What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
Fran Martin.


Hi, Fran.

The amount of current you are measuring seems like it could be normal for how you are using the board. There is a 10k pull-up resistor on the nSLEEP pin that dominates the quiescent current draw of the board when the pin is driven low to put the driver to sleep. If you want to lower the quiescent current draw of the board, you can remove that pull-up resistor. Below is a picture of the top of the board that I’ve circled the pull-up resistor on: