Drv8838 bom


I am doing a hobby project and would like to integrate the DRV8838 into it, however I have limited space constraints and the breakout board won’t fit - I know what you are thinking. Madness.

I would like to the the same BOM components as the DRV8838. I saw the schematic in the page, but since I am a Software Engineer, I would like to avoid trawling the internet for matching components.

Would it be possible to share the component list on the DRV8838 breakout (https://www.pololu.com/product/2990/resources)?

Thank you


We do not commit to or disclose the components on that board (other than the DRV8838 itself), but I suspect you could find all the components you need on Digi-Key. (Digi-Key by itself is still a pretty big website, but you won’t have to trawl the entire internet).

- Patrick