DRV8835 - typo in website instructions

Website instructions for configuring the DRV8835 for single channel mode state…

“cut one PWM (9 or 10) and one DIR (6 or 7) trace”

I think it should read…

“cut one PWM (9 or 10) and one DIR (8 or 7) trace”

Or possibly even better for clarity (since 9 & 7 refer to motor 1, and 10 & 8 motor 2)…

“cut one PWM (9 or 10) and one DIR (7 or 8) trace. Cut 9 & 7 to control both outputs from the motor 2 input pins, 10 and 8 to control both from the motor 1 input pins”

(Feel free to delete if I’m totally wrong here!)


We have more than one product that uses the DRV8835, so it is not entirely clear which one you are referring to. However, from the phrases you quoted, it sounds like it was the DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield for Arduino. We have updated that page to fix that mistake and make it more clear. Thanks for pointing that out.


Hi Jon, yep that’s the one - apologies for not being clear.

(The module works great by the way - inexpensive, easy to use and does just what I wanted!)