DRV8835 Motor Driver with Pololu regualtor

I want to use the DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver with the Pololu S7V8F5 Voltage Regulator. I need the voltage regulator for power supply of two additional servos.

These are my Connections:

ACCU GND -> Pololu GND -> Motor Driver GND
ACCU 7,4 V -> Pololu VIN -> Motor Driver VIN
Pololu VOUT (5V) -> Motor Driver VCC

Just the Pololu worked fine; I got my 5V out of it.
When I connected the Motor Driver in the described way, my Pololu went out of work immediately. Even when I disconnect the Motor Driver, the Pololu is gone.

Do you see any problem in connecting the 5V Vout of the Pololu directly to the Motor Driver? And if yes, why?
Should I Connect the Ardu with the VOUT of the Pololu or the ACCU directly and take the 5V out of the Ardu for my Motor Driver?

Thank you for your help.

Motor Driver:

Pololu regulator:


I am sorry you were not able to use your DRV8835 with that regulator. I do not expect any issues connecting the 5V output of that regulator to VCC on the DRV8835. You mentioned that you planned for that regulator to also supply power to two servos. Were those servos connected when you powered your system and the regulator stopped working? Can you provide a link to a datasheet or product page for the servos you wanted to supply 5V to? Also, can you confirm that your regulator completely stopped working? (It will not work after removing it from your system and supplying power to it separately?) Can you post pictures that clearly show how you had everything connected?

It is not entirely clear what your “Ardu” is, but in general, supplying 5V to VCC on the DRV8835 is ok. If you post a schematic of your proposed connections, along with links to datasheets or product pages for the components in your system, I can double-check it for you.