DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Carrier motor stall


I got a DRV8835 dual motor driver carrier due to low voltage capabilities. I drive with 3.3V logic. I have a brushed DC motor, which runs fine when connected directly to a 1.5V battery. However, the motor stalls at 1.5V with the driver. I wonder why? As I didn’t find anything in the specifications.
I checked the PWM signals coming from the MCU and it looks fine. The board isn’t providing enough voltage at 1.5V (VIN). When I increase the VIN to ~3.0V then it works fine but the motor is too fast.

As a workaround, I provide 4.5V to the motor for a brief moment and turn down the PWM to a comparable 1.5V levels.
Is there any better way? Is it normal?
(I am operating at IN/IN mode).


Can you post more details about your setup and how you are using the DRV8835, such as what battery, motor, and control signals you are using, along with some pictures of your setup? Are you using the same battery with your motor driver that you directly connected to your motor, and can you measure its actual voltage?

- Patrick


It turns out to be a battery issue. My batteries weren’t able to deliver the current with the DRV8835. Batteries alone worked fine. However, LiPo battery with DRV8835 worked also fine.


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