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DRV8835 and Raspberry Pi Zero

I’ve connected DRV8835 to my Raspberry Pi Zero and trying to control “Micro Metal Gearmotor 50:1” ( Micro Metal Gearmotor 50:1 | The Pi Hut ) by example from lib: GitHub - pololu/drv8835-motor-driver-rpi: Python library for the Pololu DRV8835 dual motor driver kit for Raspberry Pi B+
I’ve tried different contacts on DRV8835 , but running example.py not starting my motor.
In DRV8835’s description Zero model is not mentioned, but i think it should work with this model.
Photo attached


It is a little difficult to tell from that picture, but it looks like several of your solder joints might not be fully wetted to the pads, so that is the first thing to try fixing. The Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering might be a useful reference for that. If you continue having trouble after you think the soldered connections are in a good state, can you post close-up pictures of both the top and bottom side of your board?

Can you also check if you can measure any voltage across the motor outputs if you run the example program without any motors connected to the driver?

- Patrick