DRV8835 and Arduino Uno: How to get a 5V output?

This may be a naive question, but I can not see how I can get a 5V output to power my sensors from Arduino once the DRV8835 is installed on top of Arduino! The pins are soldered on DRV8835 and they go inside the female headers of Arduino blocking the vcc port on Arduino.

What am I missing?


You can access VCC at the mode connection circled in the following picture:

You can see more about that Mode connection in the “Using the shield” section of the DRV8835 Dual Motor Driver Shield for Arduino product page.

You might consider installing male header pins or a female header at the Mode connection for easy disconnect.


Deerill, thanks for letting me know of that. I can use either of the two mode holes for VCC?

If you do not sever the trace between those two pins to use the driver in the IN/IN mode, both pins will be connected to VCC. If the trace is severed, only the left hole will be connected to VCC.