DRV8834 Not Pulling any Current, Nor Showing VREF Voltage

So, I’m using an Arduino Uno, a DRV8834 low voltage driver, a Pololu SY57STH56-2006A Stepper Motor, using only the A, B, C, D wires (rather than the A’ and the B’ as well), along with an ELENCO quad power model xp-581a power supply. I have put the power supply to 3.9V, but the amperage meter on the power supply shows the motor not pulling any current. Also, I cannot adjust the current limit as the VREF is not showing any voltage on my multimeter. Any ideas? Any and all help is welcome! Thank you!


From your description, it sounds like you might not have the logic power supply connected to the !SLEEP pin, as shown in the minimal wiring diagram on the DRV8834 carrier’s product page (under the “Using the driver” heading). Also, please note that VREF will not be available on the (VREF) pin unless you have solder bridged the VREF jumper. If you have not bridged the VREF jumper, you can measure VREF at the VREF via, which is circled on the silkscreen on the underside of the board.

By the way, that stepper motor is rated for 2A per phase, and the DRV8834 carrier is rated for approximately 1.5A per phase without additional cooling, so you should make sure to not exceed the rating of the driver when setting the current limit.

If those suggestions do not help, can you post pictures of your setup that show all of your connections


same problem here.

connected power +3.5V and ground, added 47uF capacitor,
M1, M2 ground = full step
have SLEEP 3.3V, ENABLE 3.3V, bridged the Vref jumper,

== no voltage on Vref (~10-20mV) can turn potentiometer…
== and no current on the VMotor line < 0.1 mA

==>. nothing moves … no voltage (~ 100mV each) on the A, B outputs

is the chip dead? - I bought three just in case…But before I try the next one., I like to check if there is anything I should be aware of.

the motor 1/2 step works fine with a simple driver running at 2.0-3.5V ( H-Bridge L9110)

new to the forum; have several stepper motors running with simple 200 bipolar 2 phase chips using 1/2 step… and unipolar too. Wanted to get more sophisticated. ie smaller steps with this chip on the bipolar motors


Hello, Karl.

The ENABLE pin on that board is active low so by connecting it to 3.3V you are actually disabling the driver. The default state of the ENABLE pin is to enable the driver, so this pin can be left disconnected. If you still have issues after disconnecting ENABLE from 3.3V, please post pictures of your setup.


yes, that was it … stepping very slowly now
my goal is ~ 1/step / 30 secs with lowers amps possible. not much power needed.

motor power at 2.9V input
using 2.9V, 0.7 amp NC17 motor
current limit set at 300mA. = 1 Watt energy consumption.
will try get lower, want to get to 0.6W

everything works fine

tanks very much


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and with the Sanyo Pancake Stepper Motor: Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 50×11mm, 4.5V, 1 A/Phase
thin motor down to 300mW running at
3.5V current at 85mA
seems to work fine. the rest of the setup uses much more. I guess thats low enough


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