DRV8834 at low speed - Motor overheating

I’m new in this forum and recently I bought a DRV8834 driver to use with a nema 17 motor type 17HD40005-22B (2V/1.3A/1.6 Ohm per fase).
I need a very slow and precise movement, so I setup the driver with 1rpm and R=1/32, and it works but the motor heats up quickly.
I don’t feel very confortable with this situation and I just wanted to know if this overheating can damage the motor/driver and if there is any way to avoid it. The power supply used is 9V/1A.
Many thanks for any suggestion,


Hello, Edu.

You did not specifically mention how you determined the stepper motor was heating up, but when dealing with systems like these, hot to the touch is not necessarily hot to the electronics. It is not unusual for the driver chips or the motors to be hot enough to burn you long before they overheat. As long as you set the current limit to something lower than both the driver and motor’s maximum ratings, they should both be OK. In this case, the lower of the two is the motor (1.3A), since the driver can handle 1.5A continuously. Additionally, the DRV8834 features over-temperature protection, which cuts off the flow of current to prevent damage in the event the driver is overheating.


Josh thank you very much,
actually when I said that the engine overheated I meant touching it.
You leave me calmer. I will continue doing tests.
Thanks again from Spain!