DRV8833 Sleep mode

I hooked up the DRV8833 with only connections being both GNDS connected to GND and Vin to 4.5V. with or without sleep mode pin pulled low it uses about 1.5 ma. Is this what it should be?

I need a sleep mode that goes much lower.

This project lives on batteries and sleeps most of the time.

I’m not that familiar with the DRV8833 chip, but maybe you need to powerup the motor power supply? Sometimes one powersupply manages to power another and the current use goes up.


If you look at the product schematic, you can see that the carrier board pulls the nSLEEP pin up by default, and the current draw you are seeing is right in line with the 1.7 mA to 3 mA quiescent current the datasheet says to expect when not in sleep mode.

What is the current draw if you ground the sleep pin? The datasheet says you can expect the IC to draw a few microamps when it is sleeping. The 47k pull-up resistor on the carrier will also be wasting some current in this case (VMM/47k). The IC has an internal 500k pull-down on the sleep pin, so if minimizing sleep current draw is your goal, you might consider removing the carrier board’s 47k pull-up (you could desolder it or cut the trace to it) and using a I/O line to bring it out of sleep when you want to use the driver.

- Ben