DRV8833 Motor Driver Input Voltage?

I am using a DRV8833 to drive two 3.7v Motors rated at 100mAh (here http://www.amazon.com/40000RPM-100mA-Motors-Helicopter-Propellers/dp/B00JR3R0RC/ref=sr_1_2?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1411009898&sr=1-2&keywords=motor+propeller


I understand i need to give voltage to the Motor Driver itself. Do i have to give it 3.7v since im running 3.7v motors? Or how much voltage do i actually give the motor driver if im controlling 2 motors that are rated at 3.7v?

I want to be able to use PWN to change the speed of the motor.

Bbasically how much do I deliver into VIN if I’m running two Motors at 3.7v each?

To match the motor ratings, the motor supply would be about 3.7 V, but a bit more or less will work.

Ok awesome! So it will supply 3.7v equally to each motor? And i can control the speed using PWN right?


Bear in mind, if you can’t find a 3.7V power supply (That is a little uncommon, though sounds perfect for LiPo batteries), then you can do use a 5V supply and implement a PWM limit.

So max PWM * (3.7V) /(5V) = PWMlimit.

So if you’re using arduino it has a pwm from 0-255. So you don’t want to PWM more than 189, to simulate 3.7V from your 5V supply.