DRV8825 without energy

Hello! I bought a CNC on Aliexpress a 1500*1500 model from Bulkman3d. They sent it to me and when I opened the shipment, what a surprise! the Arduino Uno board and drivers are not original. The drivers for the motors are similar (or the same without logo) to the DRV8825. My question is the following: can the forum help me with these drivers even if they are not from Pololu? since I have been trying to calibrate them and connected to the Arduino card they do not show any voltage. Well, I await your kind response. Thank you very much for your attention.


We cannot offer support for drivers that we did not make. From your description, it sounds like you are running into one of the known issues with some knock-off DRV8825 drivers.

If you want to try our genuine stepper motor drivers, you can order directly from us or from one of our authorized distributors who carries them.