DRV8825 with dual motors in series

I was wondering, wiring 2 motors is series… would I be multiplying my current to double the value the formula gives or no?My set up… Ramps 1.4 with 3 DVR8825 drivers(x,y,z) and 5 (2amp motors). 1000mA would be 100% per motor by my calculations and 500mA would be 50%. Would the 2 drivers running 2 motors each, then be at 2000mA and 1000mA respectively. Also, would cable length to each motor on a given driver need to be the equal… would a slight V drop affect the further motor significantly?


If you wire two stepper motors in series with one driver, each motor coil would still only be able to draw the amount of current that you set as the current limit of the driver. To achieve this, you might need to increase the supply voltage to the driver. For example, if you want to run the motors at the rated current, you need to supply VMOT with at least twice the rated voltage. I do not expect the length of the wires you use to have much effect unless they are very long.


Thank you Claire. I’ll be wiring it up and adjusting everything in the next few days.