DRV8825: Waveshare Stepper Motor HAT (NEMA 17)

To whom it may concern,

I am currently working on my senior capstone project for my undergraduate in engineering and I have encountered some issues with my motor driver. The driver my board uses is the DRV8825 on the Waveshare Stepper Motor HAT and the motor I am driving is the NEMA17 (100:1) Geared bipolar stepper. Upon usage of a multimeter to probe the current that is driving the motor I am getting values that are very small (0.022-0.015A) depending on the orientation of the potentiometer on the board. Have I burned out my chip? Secondly, something the noticed today, when I position the power switch to ‘off’ the motor continues to make the high frequency current chopping sound in steady intervals alternating from a high pitch sound to a short pause. How can I verify if my motor driver is still functional. Any clarification upon this matter would be greatly appreciated.


From a quick search it looks like the waveshare board you are using has built-in DRV8825 drivers. Since you are not using our boards, we cannot offer much help. In general, something is wrong if you can only get currents that low, and any noise from the motor and driver should go away when they are not powered. I recommend contacting the manufacturer of your board for help troubleshooting.