DRV8825 Vref setting minimal setup

I purchased about 15 of the stepper carriers and have had no end of problems setting Vref. If I understand the product page correctly I should just be able to connect 12V, a 100uF cap, and tie sleep/reset to +5V. Is a connection to step/dir required to measure Vref? Enable should be pulled low by the carrier correct?

This does not seem to work. Vref is stuck at about 280mV for all the boards I’ve tested. I’ve tested 3 so far. Thanks.


Are you measuring VREF, at the via or the top of the potentiometer? This may seem a little silly to ask, but are you sure you are turning the potentiometer? We have had cases where people have used a Phillips-head screwdriver and the tip of it was too long so the blades did not engage the potentiometer properly. We generally use flat head screwdrivers here when adjusting the potentiometers on these.